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Dr. David White

“I am very sentimental and enjoy finding out what people are thinking and relating to them on a deeper level,” he says. “It is very touching for me when patients share appearance issues that they may have worried about privately for a long time. People will tell you what the issues are if you are open to really listening and not drawing conclusions, so that you are not deciding for them but deciding with them what the proper course will.”

It is common for patients to have concerns going into their first cosmetic surgery consultation, and Dr. White believes firmly that the cosmetic surgeon’s role is to listen, understand and offer information to help patients make the best decision for them – even it that decision is to not have surgery.

“I may be a little overly idealistic, but doing what we do is a sacred trust and you don’t sell out on that,” he says.

Dr. White is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the clinical faculty at Stanford University Medical School.

He is a graduate of Georgetown University Medical School and a trustee of the Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery. He has worked at Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery since 1983. He completed his training at Stanford University Medical Center, where he served as chief resident in plastic and reconstructive surgery. His training also included a fellowship in hand surgery at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, Md., and research in computerized analysis of facial deformity at Stanford University.

His professional interests include breast reconstruction and computer-assisted facial reconstruction. “I’ve always been fascinated by the way our eyes are cued to physical contour and body contour,” he says. “You look at someone and make an assumption about their age, and to be able to do a turn of the hand and take 15 years off is very rewarding. Cosmetic surgery is a happy specialty. We are taking care of well people and making them even better. As a result, the patients really have something to be happy about and we can share that happiness with them.”