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Facial Contouring Procedures Palo Alto

Does the face you see in the mirror reflect who you are inside? Facial cosmetic surgery can give your face a more youthful look or improve the shape of features such as the nose, chin or ears.

At the Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery, we can guide you in selecting a facial contouring procedure that will enhance your confidence and give you a naturally beautiful appearance that is true to who you are.

Our highly-trained and board-certified plastic surgeons pride themselves on putting their patients first and giving them pressure-free medical advice on what procedures may be right for them.

See Expected Results Before Your Surgery

We can help you do more than “imagine” the possibilities. By using digital imaging, we can demonstrate the results you could expect to achieve from various facial contouring procedures.

In a matter of minutes, we can show you a lifted face, a more refined nose, a lifted brow, contoured eyes or any facial improvement you desire.

We use the Canfield Mirror Imaging System, which is the worldwide leader in photographic software and hardware systems for cosmetic surgery. This fully integrated digital video-based computer system allows for immediate viewing and comparison of pre- and post-operative facial contouring photos, along with digital manipulation of pre-operative photos to demonstrate anticipated surgical changes.

Of course, the computer cannot provide a guaranteed specific result, but it allows a unique three-dimensional insight into what you may look like after your surgery.

Our Procedures

We offer a range of facial contouring procedures that can improve your appearance and confidence. These include:

Please explore our website and view our before-and-after photo gallery featuring real results from our patients. Then contact us to request your free in-person consultation with a member of our highly-trained and experienced medical team.