How Often Should I Massage My Breast Implants?

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Posted: April 2, 2020

Woman in Blue Bra Massaging Breasts Following Breast EnhancementFollowing breast enhancement, your body’s natural healing response will form a capsule around each breast implant. This capsule, made of primarily of collagen, can contain some scar tissue which, over time, may harden and squeeze the implant. This condition, known as capsular contracture, can produce discomfort and can alter the appearance of your breasts. To help avoid this issue, many plastic surgeons recommend breast massage begin as soon as possible following breast augmentation.

Proper Breast Massage Technique

To massage your breasts following implant placement:

  • Cup your breast at the bottom with the opposite hand (Left for right breasts, right for left)
  • Gently squeezing the breast, encourage the implant upward, towards the collarbone, hold for a few seconds and release
  • Using the same hand, place fingertips near the armpit and gently press the implant towards your sternum, hold for a few seconds and release
  • Using the same hand, gently cup the upper portion of the breast and encourage the implant downward, towards your belly. Hold for a few seconds and release

Massaging your breasts can improve suppleness, help ease discomfort, and reduce risks for painful complications like capsular contracture. It can be done as soon as you feel comfortable doing it and it only takes about one minute per breast.

How Many Times a Day?

Breast massage feels good. It helps encourage healing. It produces a softer and suppler breast mound. And it only needs to be done once or twice a day.

You can massage your breast implants in the shower, with oils or lotions after bathing, or whenever the fancy strikes you. If you choose a shower setting or plan on using oils, please be mindful of your incisions. During your follow-up visits, we can help you determine when it will be safe to expose incisions to moisture and provide you with individualized breast massage techniques to address your specific needs.

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