Issues That Can Be Addressed With a Neck Lift

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Posted: October 15, 2023

Neck LiftThe neck is one of the most common locations for signs of aging to show. Several facts can cause the neck to crease and sag. Although there are many options available to address the issues that arise, one of the most effective ways to reduce the signs of aging is by undergoing a neck lift. This procedure can effectively help with multiple issues that many people face as they age.

Issues That a Neck Lift Can Address

A neck lift can dramatically improve a person’s appearance by addressing some of the key signs of aging that affect this area.

Sagging Jowls

Stress and gravity can cause the skin around the jaw area to sag down. A neck lift can help to tighten the area and create a more youthful appearance. This procedure can help to accentuate your jawline and create a more natural and tighter appearance. 

Loose Skin on the Neck

A neck lift procedure is an exception option for removing any loose skin in the neck area. Your doctor can tighten up the area for you and create a sleek and smooth appearance that you can appreciate. 

Double Chin

Neck lift surgery combined with liposuction can help to remove unwanted fat that builds up underneath the chin area due to genetics or poor diet and exercise. This procedure can help smooth the area and remove the folds caused by excess fat.

Neck Bands

Unfortunately, there are truly not enough creams for hydration that can help smooth neck bands and create a more pleasant appearance. However, a neck lift surgery can help to address this problem area and keep the neck bands from reappearing for a long time.

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Neck lift surgery can provide several key benefits by tightening the skin, smoothing the area, and bringing a more youthful appearance to the surface. If you are interested in seeing how a neck lift can make a difference for you, reach out to the board-certified plastic surgeons at Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery in Los Altos, CA, by calling 650-934-7020 or filling out the online form to request an appointment