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Arm Lift Surgery

woman in lingerie running hands through her hairIn addition to the many activities they help you accomplish, your upper arms may serve as telltale signs of aging or significant weight loss. As the skin on your arms begins to lose its collagen and elasticity, it starts to droop and sag, causing possible issues with your self-esteem and wardrobe choices. Excess arm skin can also lead to skin irritation and physical discomfort.

The board-certified plastic surgeons at Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery can help you reclaim your confidence and youthful arm appearance with brachioplasty, commonly referred to as an arm lift. To learn more, please call 650-934-7020 to schedule a free consultation. We proudly serve the Silicon Valley and Bay Area, including Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose and San Francisco, California.

The Brachioplasty Procedure

Brachioplasty is a sophisticated surgical procedure used to remove excess skin and fat from your upper arms. During the procedure, an incision is made along the back or inside of the arm. Once the incision is made, unwanted fat may be removed using liposuction. Excess skin is then trimmed and tightened, resulting in a toned, youthful-looking arm appearance.

What are the Benefits of an Arm Lift Procedure?

The goals of arm lift surgery include:

  • Tightening loose arm skin
  • Underarm fat removal
  • Improving the contour and width of the upper arm
  • Removing stretch marks along the inner aspect of the arm
  • Achieving a more youthful arm appearance

What Procedures Can Be Combined with an Arm Lift?

Arm lifts are often performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as a breast lift, or as part of a comprehensive mommy makeover. During your initial consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, we will take the time to understand your unique goals and explain all of your options.

What Our Patients Have to Say

"The entire team of physicians and nurses are top-notch. Dr. Talley did my surgery and I couldn't be happier. He listens, he's kind and very skilled. Heidi is a physician assistant and she is also highly skilled and professional. I recommend these professionals for anyone considering reconstructive or cosmetic surgery."

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Am I a Candidate for Arm Lift Surgery?

If you have recently lost a significant amount of weight or are simply experiencing the effects of natural aging, an arm lift may be able to help you achieve the self-confidence and youthful appearance you desire. Generally speaking, you may be a good candidate for arm lift surgery if you:

  • Have loose or wrinkled skin in your upper arms
  • Have hanging upper arm skin or visible stretch marks
  • Are in generally good health
  • Do not smoke
  • Have realistic expectations

The best way to determine if an arm lift is right for your unique goals and physical characteristics is to meet personally with a board-certified plastic surgeon at Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery. During your consultation, your physical condition will be assessed, your questions will be answered and your options will be fully explained.

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) Before and After Photos


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How Much Does Arm Lift Surgery Cost?

The cost of arm lift surgery depends on many factors and can vary from patient to patient. During your free consultation with one of our arm lift surgeons, a cost estimate for your unique surgery will be provided.

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