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Many people who desire a more proportionate face or a more defined jawline often don’t realize that chin augmentation may be the one treatment that can address all their concerns! At Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery, our team understands how important it is to feel confident about the way you look, which is why we’re thrilled to offer patients our chin augmentation treatment.

What Is Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation, also known as chin enhancement, involves placing a small implant on top of the chin bone to help improve the definition, projection, and overall appearance of the lower face. If you have a “weak chin,” a chin implant can be customized to add ideal proportions, symmetry, and definition, helping to produce a look that is better sculpted and more complementary to surrounding features.

What Can Chin Augmentation Treat?

Chin augmentation is able to:

  • Improve the size, shape, and definition of the jaw
  • Improve the projection of a weak or recessed chin
  • Reduce the appearance of a double chin
  • Improve the definition of the upper neck
  • Improve facial harmony

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your chin - for the above reasons or any other - you may be the ideal chin enhancement candidate. The best way to find out is through a private and confidential consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Chin Augmentation?

Additional factors that may impact your candidacy for chin implants will also be considered during your initial consultation. These include:

  • Your health and medical record
  • Your ability to take time off to rest
  • Your willingness to follow pre and postoperative directions
  • Your desires and expectations

Can I Combine Chin Augmentation with Other Procedures?

Chin augmentation can improve facial contours and is ideal for producing subtle and natural-looking projections. The procedure can be combined with others for more comprehensive problems.

Chin enhancement can be performed in combination with:

Chin augmentation is often sufficient on its own as well. During your one-on-one consultation at our Los Altos plastic surgery center, we will listen to your concerns and provide you with information on any of the procedures that could assist you in reaching your goals.

How Does the Chin Augmentation Procedure Work?

Chin surgery is an outpatient procedure performed at our onsite, AAAHC accredited surgical suite. The procedure may be performed under general anesthesia, administered by a state-licensed MD, or local anesthesia and sedation, depending on your medical history and needs.

Once you have been made comfortable, a small incision will be made through which the chin implant can be inserted and carefully placed over the bone. Once the implant has been placed, the incision is closed and dressed, and the procedure is over.

Following surgery, you may experience some swelling and bruising. These things can be dealt with through over-the-counter analgesics, rest, and time. You can assist the process by taking frequent short walks during your recovery.

Depending on the incision location, dietary restrictions may be in place for the first few days. It is important that you follow these and any additional directions, such as incision cleaning, activity restriction, and sleeping position to help reduce the risk of complications.

What Is the Recovery Process Like?

Most people are able to resume normal activities within seven days, though more advanced and demanding activities will need to be put on hold for four to six weeks. During your follow-up consultations, we can help you determine when it is safe to resume all normal activities.

It may take a few weeks to full recovery from chin implant surgery, but once results have been finalized, your implant should look and feel like a natural part of your face - and results can last for decades. During your initial consultation, we will discuss all of these things in greater detail to ensure you choose the best solution for your needs.

Are There Any Risks with Chin Augmentation?

Just like any other facial procedure, chin augmentation can come with certain risks. These can include bleeding, bruising, burning, implant extrusion, or implant rejection. Patients may feel sore or tender following their treatment but these side effects typically go away after a few days. Most risks can be easily avoided by following your doctor’s guidance and care instructions.

What Are The Benefits of Chin Augmentation?

Though some people get chin augmentations for facial restructuring, many patients opt for this procedure for cosmetic reasons that are directly involved with their self-confidence. Not only does chin augmentation help balance out your facial features and allow for a more proportionate look to your face and profile but it can also allow patients to feel confident if they love the way they look once their chin augmentation results have settled in.

Schedule a Consultation With Altos Oaks Plastic Surgery

If chin enhancement is enticing to you, the board-certified plastic surgeons at Altos Oaks welcome an opportunity to meet with you, assess your areas of concern, and help you determine if a chin implant would be the best solution for your needs. In Los Altos and surrounding areas of California, call 650-934-7020 to schedule your chin augmentation consultation today.