When To Consider Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

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Posted: March 15, 2024

Ear Surgery When people think about the term "ear surgery," they usually call to mind procedures designed to restore someone's hearing. While those functional procedures are common, that is not quite what otoplasty is. Instead, this surgery is designed to restore or enhance the appearance of one or both of your ears. It is essential to know whether this surgery is right for you.

When To Consider Ear Surgery

There are several situations when you may consider ear surgery. The most common reason is when the surgery may be medically necessary to correct an injury or trauma. If you have sustained damage to your ear, ear surgery can help restore it to its previous or otherwise normal appearance. Note that this can still be done even if the procedure will not restore the function of the ear.

Another situation when you may seriously consider otoplasty is if you were born with prominent ears, or ears that stick out too far from your head, that you are unhappy with or are dealing with other ear shape-related issues. You may also seek ear surgery to resize ears if you believe they are too large or small for your head. You may also consider otoplasty if you are unhappy with a previous ear surgery that you've had.

If your child has any malformations or ear concerns that can be addressed with otoplasty, you may want to wait until your child’s ears are fully developed, which will be around the age of 4, before you consider surgery. However, our surgeons will be able to provide you with a better idea of when you or your child may want to consider ear surgery. 

Different Types of Ear Surgery

There are a few different types of ear surgery that can be performed. These include:

  • Ear pinning: This surgery is used to correct prominent or protruding ears. It pins the ears closer to the head while addressing malformed cartilage.
  • Ear reduction: This option can help individuals with oversized ears by removing some of the tissues to reduce their overall size.
  • Ear augmentation: This surgery is performed to address misshapen ears or ears that have not fully developed. 

The specific concern that you are trying to address with surgery will determine the type of surgery that you receive. It is best to discuss your options with our skilled professionals as soon as possible.

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